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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Bordering on carbon
delirium happy
Today, I have:

Read the 5th Transmetropolitan graphic novel.

Created a little minaure diamond and graphite out of those little moecule sets with beads for atoms and straws for bonds.

Been to Borders. I managed to show great restraint and willpower by only buying two books (The Science of Discworld II - The Globe and an X-men graphic novel). On the way back we encountered a beggar who demanded to know whether I was a man or a woman (I figure that the reason I get asked this so much is that everyone fancies me and wants to get into my pants, because I can't see any other reaons why anyone would care), was somewhat abusive at us, and then asked us if we had any spare change. Curiously enough, we didn't.

Watched Gross Point Blank. Which was a nice film. And by nice, I do, of course, mean "sick twisted and wrong". It was very cookie. Hed tried inflicting it on me at a meet once before, but I fell asleep not long into it that time.

I've been feeling very slightly morose tonight. Missing people (OK, I admit it, sam42 and sath. Anyone who is surprised by this really needs to be more perceptive). Also missing the way things were between me and ruthi a while back. I've not been feeling bad, as such, just very slightly out of it. Weird, really.

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Grosse Point Blank is one of my favorite movies.

(Deleted comment)
I can just about manage the walking past bit. It's the going into bookshops that's the real killer...

.um.. I'm going to be away all weekend now.. sorry :(

Don't worry about it. I tend to always get a little worked up when I'm away for a little while, missing my personal space and what have you. All of the Stuff that has been going on recently, just made it worse, iyswim. I'm back at home now, and feeling altogether better, so I shall speak to you on monday. Or whenever fate decides that we're actually allowed to be online at the same time.

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