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Yes. I've actually done it.

So, in a shocking change, I'm actually going to tell you about things that I accomplished today. Generally cheerful, positive things. Wow.

I went to sign up for BSL classes with 36 at Canterbury College. We'd wanted to do it on Monday evenings, but it turns out that that class was full, so instead we're doing it on Monday daytimes, 11-2, starting this coming monday at 10. We go through the enrollment process and pay (£97) then, except I got told that if I was on benefits then I'd be able to do it for free. At this point I commented that I really must get around to signing on, so Nat actually dragged me along to the job centre where i was given three million and one forms that I need to fill in, before going back for an appointment next Tuesday. Cries of "about time" will be met with a "well yes". As always seems to be the case when I'm out with Nat, we also went in several charity shops, where I bought Stephen Fry's Moab Is My Washpot and the board game "Coppit", which I owned as a wee small child, and got hugely nostalgic upon seeing, and couldn't resist, considering it was under £2.

And then I went back to sleep. 3 hours of sleep followed by three hours of walking around isn't the best idea ever.

And my wrist hurts, for no discernable reason.

Update: Someone has just asked me what BSL is, so I should expand the acronym. It's British Sign Language.

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