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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Form JSA1
delirium happy
I'm filling out benefit forms. This is so much fun. No really. I do love forms which are ambiguous and ask for information that I just don't have. And so I'm making a list of problem questions, as I go through the forms:

National Insurance Number: Yes, I know I almost certainly had this sent to me when I was 16, but presuming that I was, I definitely don't have it any more. Anyone happen to know a nice easy way for me to find this out, or will they be able to do that for me when I have my interview at the job centre on Tuesday?

People I'm living with: Now this one really is fun. It wants to know who lives in my household. It tells me that I should include friends here, but should not include people with whom I just share a hall, bathroom or toilet. Now, we also share a kitchen and a living room, but we are also all financially independant. We pay our landlord seperately. By this reckoning, I am told this makes us not a household.

Savings that I have: My bank statements get sent to my parents' address. I don't know whether my building society book is here or there. I certainly can't provide a savings account book updated in the last month to provide proof of the savings in my building society because such a thing doesn't exist, though I suspect that my savings and my debts don't sum to over £2500.

Does anyone pay any money to someone else on my behalf: Yes, Anthonypays the phone bill, but then I pay him back. Does this count?

Do I have any other money coming in: I'm presuming that stuff being given to me on an "as needed" basis by my parents until I manage to support myself doesn't count?

Do I pay any service charges for the place where I live: The example that it gives here is cleaning and maintenance of stairs and hallways. i'm wondering if things like gas and electricity fall into this. I'd guess not, as otherwise they'd almost certainly be given as an example there. But on the other hand, I don't see why it shouldn't go in there...

When did my treatment for depression start: Like hell I can remember that (hmmm. I could probably look it up in old lj entries, actually...)

Do I want my benefits paid into my bank account, or claimed at a post office: This one is actually my fault rather than the form's. Of course, I would like it paid into my bank, but seeing as how I have a student account, this may raise a few questions. On the other hand, if I'm actually receiving money on a regular basis then I can probably do without my overdraft easily enough. Decissions, decissions.

And that's the end of form JSA1, with only 8 problems encountered. That's not too bad really. Just another 4 forms to go now (though they're all shorter, and will contain much repeated information). They can wait for now though.

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Job Centre will know your NI, hopefully. Ya should have written it down someplace safe (mine's in the back of my copy of Carpe Jugulum...). Don't tell them who you are living with unless you're married to them or they are dependent on you. They'll find out the first and the second gets yuou extra benefit. Friends and random ppl who are also renting in the same building aren't going to affect your financial position anyway.

You really should know how much money you have...

Borowing money doesn't count... And 'gifts' from parents doesn't officially count either.

They can't trace this money, don't tell them that you have it.

Why do you still have a student account?

I'm not really comfortable about lying on my benefits form.

I know how much money I have in my current account. I know approximately how much money I have in my building society account that I just use for savings and don't go in very often, but not the exact ammount.

I still have a student account because they gave me a nice big interest free overdraft with it, which I use, so I've conveniently forgotten to tell them that I'm not a student any more.

ah, but if you're telling the bank that yousa a student then you can't get benefit...

I'm never sure what they mean by 'people you are living with' but I've allways assumed that it would mean parents/spice/lovers who might be supporting you financially or dependents who you might be supporting finanficially, not ppl you are sharing the house with mearly because that way you get a bigger comunal area for your money than you would get if you got a flat...

Just me being pedantic. You have a NI number from when you are born (I think so anyway) and the 16 year old thing is only for the card thingy. My mum had my NI number in her diary for 16 years until I had my NIN card. So try asking ur parents if thats not so stupid?

I know exactly what u mean about forms tho - evil things.

Take care and have fun - Piers

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