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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
Prompted by sath doing the same thing just a few days ago, I have decided to switch my keyboard to dvorak. It is currenty taking me about 3 minutes to type each sentence. I think I must be insane.

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I use Dvorak, it's faster once you get used to it (well it is for me anyway) and once you learn you're bi-layoutian, as fast on QWERTY as Dvorak.

(If you one hand type much I'd stick with QWERTY, it's nuts the amount your finger has to alternate sides if your other hand's occupied eating an apple).

Well, I do one hand type a lot, but it's a habit I'm trying to break, so...

Oh it'll certainly help that.

I will say nothing. I will say nothing. I will say nothing. I will say nothing. I will say nothing. I will say nothing. I will say nothing....

The only awkward word to type now seems to be dvorak..

(Deleted comment)
Because I can? It's meant to be quicker once you get used to it. I'd explain why but it'd take too long for me to type it all on my keyboard atm :)

How's it going, now it's been a few days?

I tried this recently, and really should have kept it up. I'm having massive problems with qwerty these days, and dvorak was much easier on my hands, but I didn't feel like putting in the requisite amount of time where my productivity would be decreased due to the learning process. (Much like how I've never made serious use of speech recognition even though my hands would be very grateful if I did.)

I kept it up for a month or two, but I never really got any of the supposed benefits of dvorak, and I ended up making a million typos -- even more than I do normally -- so I just switche dback in the end. Maybe I should try again now that my general typing patterns aren't as horrible as they were back then.

And I'd also like to mention how incredibly imoressed I am that you managed to read almost a year of my drivel in one go. I know I couldn't read that much of what I was writing about --especially at that time -- without going insane.

One of the problems I was having was general confusion about where keys are located. Not specifically due to dvorak, but because I was thinking too hard and because I was doing way much switching between layouts (not only qwerty and dvorak, but also layouts for Spanish and Russian). I think my hands would hate me equally no matter which layout I use though. I have very horrible habits like resting my forearms on the keyboard tray.

I didn't consider your entries to be drivel. ;) I did eventually start skimming a bit, but that was mostly due to being tired. Then when I realized what I was doing I went to bed, and started up again later. Soon after that, I reached the entries that I'd read at the time they were posted, and so I didn't need to read as thoroughly unless I couldn't remember what you'd said or it was something I particularly enjoyed and wanted to re-read. (There were quite a few of those.)

I mostly quit commenting once I hit entries that already had comments from me, so it may not be obvious, but I finished. Entire journal from start to finish, minus a couple of protected entries I couldn't see. :D And now I have to go do something I really meant to do 24 hours ago. *does it* We'll see how long it takes you to figure out exactly what it is that I just did.

It didn't take very long at all. The process went something like:

*receives email* *opens* *reads* oooh, I wonder if she... *goes to check* *reloads userinfo page* squee! She did!

Only I was otherwise occupied from having Sabrina over here, so I didn't get to reply until now. And now that I have time to read entries again, and am replying here, the first new entry of yours that I actually read was one which addresses some of the points I made in my entry, which made me feel bad about the way I said some of it.

But anyway: squee! It's good to have you back.


Don't feel bad at all, please. The main points I can think of that overlapped in our entries were:

...after typing several paragraphs I realized this was getting into the realm of "not appropriate for a comment to a completely unrelated entry". It's also not particularly appropriate for my own journal, so I'll paste it into an e-mail and continue there.

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