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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
I've just written a CV. My first ever. It does look very thin on the ground, but I think that's probably as it should be. If anyone fancies taking a look at it for me then it's at http://www.22cr.org.uk/rachel/temp/cv.doc (yes, that's MS word -- if there's anyone who could seriously advise me on changes I could make who can't view that then say and I'll put it up in some other format).

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is that it? what about what you do in your spare time? any travelling or hobbies?

any experience in a working environment? even as a barmaid. anything that shows you can work in a team.

if not, i suppose your good alevels' enough to get you started.

I also think it would be a good idea to include interests (anything collaborative is particularly good, and at least one unusual-but-not-too-controversial item is good as a talking point) and any voluntary work you have done, or any positions of responsibility held (even at school will do.)

Another useful thing can be to include a section on "ambitions in personal life" - it makes you sound more interesting and more focused, without being too threatening (i.e. it makes you sound ambitious without implying you're after the interviewer's job!) Mine says "To own a narrowboat and run the London Marathon", for instance.

I'd be tempted to put skills in front of educational background. I'd say put the most relevant things first and I feel an employer would want to know about a person's skills before he wonders about schools/colleges etc attended.

Do you have a driving licence at all? even provisional? if so is it clean?

I agree with other people's comments, when they say list interests, or any group activities you participated in while studying. You want to show evidence of a wide range of skills including team work.

I wouldn't be so quick to say 'no employment history'. You say that you are at college currently. That will explain the 'lack of previous employment' without having to state this. If the first thing an employer sees is you blatently saying you haven't had a job before, I think it will put him off. Remember that you are selling yourself.

I might also state that references are 'available on request' at the bottom.

Apart from that I'd say to pad it out a bit, it seems a bit brief at the moment. Can you make it a full page of A4?

You can have a look at my online CV if you like, it might help you think about other things you might add. http://www.davonsite.com/cv.htm

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