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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
It was brought to my attention earlier today that it really isn't all that long at all until the christmas season starts drawing in upon us. Now, I don't like christmas. I want to hide for christmas. So, I'm going to get this request out early. Does anyone else who doesn't much care for it wish to come andvisit me in Canterbury or have me visit you around the time of december 25?

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ho ho ho!
sorry, i love christmas, & it's Kate's first christmas this year - woo hoo!

I remember :)

You're the sort of person the marketing companies are aiming their christmas-adverts-in-october at. Well I'll tell you what, if you don't ho-ho-ho at me too much, I'll not bah-humbug at you too much either :)

If I didn't suffer the terribleness of living with my family then I would jump at the chance. But I'll be expected to be sociable and Im not so strange that I'd run way from presents either.. ohwell.

I used to be expected to be sociable until a couple of years I got into a massive argument which resulted in me storming out in the middle of the family christmas meal in tears. Last year, my parents were more receptive to the concept that I didn't much care for christmas and it might be better all round if I didn't spend it at their house doing christmasy things.

And you're more than welcome here whenever you want.

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