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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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(no subject)
delirium happy
OK, I just have to ask:

In the past few days, three of the people on the spods branch of my LJ friends list (how I ended up with so many spods on my list is an entirely seperate mystery altogether) have mentioned either 36 or their website. This cannot possibly be coincidence, so just what is the explanation?

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There was a comment posted with a link to her multiple website at the bottom (with one of the person-names and a link to the profile LJ-style), which is what led me to it.

::giggles at hilariously inappropriate use of pronouns::

::looks at rho archives::

::fwaps Nathan::

Normal service is now resumed.

Bah, pronouns are far too complicated to worry about around these multiple systems! It's difficult enough getting them right for just random singular people around the 'net...

Yupyup. FarTooComplicated. Especially when you have to guess what a person wishes to be refered to as.

And you can only go so far by refusing to use pronouns at all, repeating names over and over makes for very clumsy English.

Clueless Alexes wonder...


And we'll mention 36 for the hell of it.

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