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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
I redid my website earlier. Nothing major, but it's slightly more pleasant now. I did away with the frames, htmlised a few things, made sure that everything was linked, and added a pictures of me page as someone was wanting to know what I look like and that's a nice sort of place to point people. It's now in a state where it's easier for me to add stuff, I think. Constructive criticism welcome.

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I like it,

there is a pic in the pics of you section - is that REALLY you? It doesn't look at all like you, i think its the one called 'cutest pic ever'....

Photo's are funny things, some ppl look really good and some look really different to IRL. ;)


That's me, that is! Well, the one who isn't Rachel is.
Yep, definitely her. :-)

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