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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
Keep the questions coming. Here are some answers...

Has a microwave exploded recently near you?
Yes, one exploded when I was on the phone to sam42 last night

whats that picture from? the one over there of that sheep ------------------------------->
I can't actually remember. It was from a website somewhere. I'm a bad copyright infringer (for personal use only).

What do you think of asphyxiation in sexual settings? (Not silly so much as extraordinarily random.)
It's not really my thing, but I'd be willing to try it if I ever had a partner who was into it. And I have absolute no problems with other people practicing it, of course.

If you could create a mythical animal by combining two or more real animals, what would they be, what would the name of your mythical animal be, and what properties and/or qualities of the real animals would it have? (Hope this isn't too silly.)
Well, it would have to be a raven and a sheep, as by far and away my two favourite animals.Fluffy, cute, majestic, intelligent, able to fly and stuff. Maybe just have a sheep with a raven's head and wings. And I,m lousy at thinking up names.

How did you develop a preference for sheep?
Well, rachel comes from an old hebrew word meaning ewe, I'm an aries, I have big woolly hair, I'm a natural born follower... it all sort of came from there.

Who's your favourite X-men character & why?
Probably Wolverine, for the inherent coolness factor, the depth of character, and that his actual mutant abilities (excluding the claws) are vaguely plausible. I defy anyone to come up with even a pseudo-science explanation of, say, Rogue (my second favourite (and Colosus third, fwiw)) that isn't just laughably absurd.

are you happy hon?
Happier than I've been in the entire rest of my adult (or teenage) life.

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Pseudoscientific is easy. They're using their magical Scientology powers.

(Deleted comment)

(And i can't think of any other pseduoscience that would work. Maybe some insane fuckwit New Agery)

oooh wolverine ;)

I should have known! The only obvious names for such an animal, however, are reep and shaven. Somehow I don't like either, how about you?


(and if you're noticing this in your inbox, you're meant to come and look at it in your journal!)

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