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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
I'm working on a new LJ style atm. It isn't finished yet, but its basic shape is there. Suggestions, comments and constructive criticism would be much appreciated.

I have an extra 5 slots for user icons as well now that I have a permanent account. If any of my artistic/icon making friends would like to help me there then that would be great as well.

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Wow, I really like this style, it's much nicer than any of the standard LJ ones. Well done :)

I'll have to get it finished quickly then so you can use it :)

(and thanks)

permanent account! how did that happen? i'm jealous. :)

the new style is ok, but i would like to see it a little edgier... push your design envelope a tiny bit more. maybe force a narrower width to the text fields, since when i view it on my screen, 17" set at 1024 resolution, it really is too wide to read comfortably. that's at your discretion, though (if you are making this mainly for yourself, you just have to worry about your own screen res). the one thing i really don't like is the series of icons at the left side - the official lj icons don't really match the rest of the style, and look very cluttery and out of place. so were i you, i would try to make a few new lj icons with a similar look, but a sleeker style that blends with the rest of the page a bit better. black bgs, cleaner lines, maybe put any pluses *on* the little pic instead of next to it. (like the memories could be a heart with a plus sign in it.)

I'm up for making icons. what sort of thing do you think you'd want?

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