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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Questions only
These are mainly aimed at anotheryourself who owes me some answers. If anyone else wants to answer any or all of them though, then please do.

Who am I? What am I? Why am I? What did you think of me when you first met me? What do you think of me now? Do you like me? Why? Why not? Are you glad you know me? Do you know me? Would you like to got to know me more? Am I ever a burden or chore? Do you trust me? Would you trust me with a secret? Your deepest secret? Your life? Should I trust you? How much? Do you like talking to me? Would you like to talk to me more? Would you like to talk to me on the phone? To meet me in real life? What three words would best describe me? Am I "nice"? Too nice? What is my gender? What about my sexuality? Are either of these likely to change in the future? Do I deceive myself? Am I addicted to love? Do I eat too much cheese? What colour would you most associate with me? What should I do? What is my biggest flaw? My highest virtue? Would you invite me over for tea if you thought I'd come? Would you give me oral sex if you thought I'd come? Do I make you laugh? Do I make you cry? Do I make you despair of me? Do I ever do all three of those with one comment? What would you do if I sang out a tune? Do you love me? Will you love me forever? What style and colour should I have my hair? How do you imagine I kiss? What do you imagine I'm like in bed? What name would suit me best? Should I be proud to be me? Am I a beautiful person? Why or why not? Am I cute? Sexy? Vain? What one piece of advice would I be best served by following? Would you have expected me to answer your questions? Did any of my answers surprise you? Am I courageous? Do I wear my heart on my sleeve too much? Do I give more or less than I take? What would be the first think you'd do if you met me? What is my biggest strength? My biggest weakness? Do I matter? Should I matter? Does anybody? Should I care? Why am I asking you all of these questions? Am I innocent? More or less so than people think? How shy am I? Am I a sheep? A kitten? A pig? Do I live life? Have I seen life? Have I ever really hurt? Do I imagine things? Is my imagination to vivid? Am I too cautious or too cavalier? Do I make sense to you? Why do you read my journal? What one question should I have asked? How would you answer it?

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*giggles* that sounds so threatening, "owes me some answers."

You do like your kneecaps, right?


good christ. i fear i'm going to be horribly disappointing here, especially after all the warm fuzzies from your reply...

you are you -- complex, full, interesting, good. a fascinating human creature. to do the things you need to do, all the exciting wondrous things you are bound to do. you seemed really interesting, a little angry (you were talking about an ex) and fluffier than you actually are, or have seemed to be since then. i think you are caring and fun and a lot more like me than i first thought. hellz yeah! because you're caring and interesting and cool and you! n/a. yes, yes! not really at all as much as i wish i did. yes. no. yes. yes (and not just because you know no one i know.) maybe... if i could figure out what it is. yes. i think so. as much as you think you should-- no pressures to open up more than you need to, you know? yes! yes! yes, but i'm po'. yes. fun gentle articulate (those are not the right words or even close, but... yeah). yes. sometimes. somewhere between water and child, like me, but not in the same place. yes, often? possible. no more than anyone else, in fact i think a lot less than many others. i honestly don't know, like romantic love or just loving people? inconceivable. a blue-y purple. be as much you as you can be. i wish i could tell you, but i see nothing glaringly wrong. your kindness and how you dispense it wisely (that sounds liek you're dumbledore or something). yes. mmm.... maybe? yes! you haven't. no. no. well, i wouldn't stand up and walk out on you, but i honestly might wince a little. yes. unless you royally piss me off, and then still quite probably. however you want it, something cute and fun, i wonder how you'd look with like, amelie hair. i think you'd kiss in a make the knees go all gooey kind of way, strong gentle, dancy. really fun. i wish i knew, naming is so not my strong point these days. hellz yeah! yes. because you're very you. yes. yes. not really. aw, shit, i wish i could give you something deep and meaningful, but again... i dunno... it's what i'd give anyone, but live and love hard. actually, no, but it was exciting! yes, in a flattering way. yes. i don't think that's possible. it seems like more. hug you tight. your caring. your caring. yyyyyyesssss! yes! yes! should you care if you matter, um... well, you do, so care that i care that you matter. 'cause you're introspective as fuck, too. we are all innocent. i dunno. i'm not sure. well, not in like a follower kind of way, but in a cute way. you're totally a kitten. i don't think so. i think so, though not as much as you should, but who does? yes. yes. do you imagine hurting or do you have a good imagination, no, yes. yes, and i understand. none of this "too" business. maybe. 'cause i'm intrigued by you. you should have asked if i'll make you a mix tape, and i would say yes, because now i want to make you a tape, i mean, if you have tape playing capabilities.


Ooooh, yes please. Make me a tape. My radio/tape player is sitting on top of my wardrobe right now but it can easily be brought into service. That would be very cool.

Can I suggest that this somewhat ties in to my diary about music & what everyone likes?
Now's your chance to hear new & interesting stuff, and to find out about someone else's tastes..

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