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She's only a little insane really
delirium happy
drusilla, my Debian box is now doing a little bit more than running and wasting electricity. It is now hosting sam42's webcam and I've also got ADoM running on it (byebye DOS) and so shall be using it to play that as soon as I've managed to convince ADoM, putty and my numeric keypad to play nicely together.

Now it's actually doing something, I probably ought to update everything so I'm not running a computer with several million security holes on it. I might even finally get around to getting samba working. My friendly neighbourhood geeks (kimble and ccooke) should probably be expecting multiple tech support queries in the near future, so thank you in advance for any of them.

And if anyone wants a moderately useless shell account then ask me.

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Mmm yes my webcam loves you *smooch*

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