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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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frank pr0n!
delirium happy
Why is it that the term "pansexual" always makes me think "attracted to goats"?

(yes, I know that it's because the god, Pan was depicted as sort of half man and half goat, but why do I always think of that meaning before the actual desired meaning? And what actually is the etymology that led pan to mean all as a prefix like that anyway?)

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It's not just me then? Oh good.
Well, I don't think of skillets, being of the British persuasion..
Perhaps it's a good thing I don't have the kind of mind that will now go away and write kitchen equipment pr0n.

wooo! just think of all that can be done with a whisk!

Etymology of pan

From: http://www.geocities.com/etymonline/p1etym.htm

pan- - prefix meaning "all, whole, all-inclusive," from Gk. pan-, combining form of pas (neut. pan, masc. and neut. gen. pantos) "all." Similarity to Pan, the Arcadian god, led to his being regarded as a personification of nature.

(And, for the interested: http://www.takeourword.com/theory.html )


*snerk*, I allways think it's a rather silly word (Though I use it) because it means 'attracted to any/every thing' usually used by ppl who don't want to say bisexual because they don't want you to think of gender as polarised (which is a good reason). However it allways makes me think that the user is attracted to *every* thing, men, women, ppl someplace inbetween, sheep, goats, trees, rocks... everything. It's not a very good word.

I dont like the term pansexual, I prefer undefined even though I do actually get sexual feelings towards dogs, trees, buildings etc.

I don't like it for people, but I like it for a space where people of any sexuality are welcome.

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