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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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(no subject)
delirium happy
I'm taking Yet Another break from #afp/#icq, which I'm sure will please a few, be sad to a few and go un-noticed by most. It's just too full of nerds, wannabes and lusers for me to be able to tolerate without wanting to throttle people atm, which is a shame, as there are also some of the nicest most interesting people I know on there. "A chain is only as srong as it's weakest link". I'm still on server (or IM or email) if anyone wants me. That is all.

(yes, this is related to the entry I made last night. Why do you ask?)

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And just when I was thinking of coming back too.

Ach, come back anyway. We need decent people...


I'm sorry you're gone again...

you're good company

take care and be well

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