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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
Today's disturbing davert of the day, for some sort of cereal bar: give your kids this cereal bar and they'll shut up! Because of course, nobody actually cares what they're feeding their kids, or whether they'll like it or anything. The only important thing is that they shut up and don't get in our way, right? Blech.

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Ooh was that for Chewy granola bars with the song going #chewy chewy chewy chewy chewy chewy chewy chewy...?


Damn. Well, in that commercial, there are kids saying embarassing things, and the parents give them Chewy bars to shut them up.

It's called the "Quaker Harvest Chewy Bar" or something like that and it has lots of kids saying "Mummy cut up all her credit cards" "daddy slept on the sofa" "mummy has prickly legs". We don't have 'granola' in the UK, but when I was in America I got KH to point it out to me and well, it looks like Harvest Crunch cereal.

It's the same company, Quaker makes the Chewy bars. Oy.

Ah yes, the "teach your kids you'll fold to blackmail" ad. AKA the "glue their mouths shut" ad. Just a progression of the Johnson's Bedtime "drug your kids" ad.

Appauling, really.

My favourite was the fairy non-bio ad that implied washing your kid's school uniform in it would make him happier and more intelligent (ends with the previously depressed kid smiling as he puts his hand up to a question in class).

It's made with super glue.

Sticks their teeth together.

Simple if you think about it.


Quite. As if there weren't enough influences out there teaching people to eat when they're not hungry.

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