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delirium happy
I'd forgotten about this until mentioned it. However, I have now signed up for NaNoWriMo. I've also joined nanowrimo.

Oh. My. Gods.

What have I done?

And who was it who said that they'd do it if I did? homicide_afp, was it you?

Should be fun, anyway.

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that was pretty much my thoughts on it as first as well.

good luck to us.
may we all look snazzy in our t-shirts when we've successfully compleated our month's time.

Yes it was me, and I'm now signing up.. Damn you to heck.

That 'Na' isn't for 'National' is it?

Have a great time! And, well, it's almost *supposed* to be dreck, so, justw rite down anything you can think of. I hope it helps you with subsequent writing.

I don't think it really is 'national' any more though Internanowrimo doesn't have the same ring.

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