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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Coming out
delirium happy
Today is apparently "national coming out day" or something of that sort. I contemplated marking the occasion by listing my various queernesses (I have quite a few) in here, just in case a few people didn't know them. But then I actually stopped to think about it. If people don't know, then I don't actually care. By listing them here I'm giving these facts about myself more power over me than they deserve. 95% of the time, I don't try to hide any of these facts about myself. I mentioned that I had a girlfriend on rec.games.roguelike.adom a while ago, because it was relevant to what I was saying, even though I ws well aware it could create a big long thread of crap.

If I mentioned them when they weren't relevant then I'd be meriting them with more, not quite importance but I can't think of a better word, than they really deserve.

And so I shall carry on, mentioning my queernesses when they are relevant, not shouting about them from the rooftop, and generally just acting as if they are perfectly normal parts of my everyday life. Which they are.

But in the spirit of the occasion, I'd like to reveal the following shocking facts about myself:

I don't like brussel sprouts
I was not born in Madagascar
I like pokemon
My bedroom door is white.

Well, I'm glad to have all that off mf chest. It was a big burden hiding that, and never admiting. But now it's out and I can stand up proud about it again!

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You ... don't like Brussels sprouts? That totally freaks me out and I'm seriously considering removing you from my friends list.

;-) <--- (in case it's not clear)

So you wait until now to tell me that your bedroom door is white? That is _so_ deceitful. White bedroom doors are the symbol of the oppressive bourgeoisie regime and the fact that you embrace that symbol is evidence that you're nothing more than the lackey of the English capitalist pigdogs! (Not even the Madagascan capitalist pigdogs.)

I have no option but to remove you from my friends forthwith.

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