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delirium happy
Feedback. Any writer of any sort thrives on it. I like writing. No, when I'm in the right sort of mood, I love writing. I like to spin a yarn; to tell a tale that draws the reader in. I like to subtly play with words and use them to do my bidding. I like to drop in references for people to spot. I enjoy doing it. And then when I finish, I like to look back on what I've written and be able to gaze on it in wonderment and say "lo, it is good". And when I feel as if I've produced something good, I like to share it with other people. Joy shared is joy wultiplied. Or so you'd think.

One of the reasons that I'm not as active on usenet as I used to be is a lack of feedback. After spending time and effort writing something that will entertain, watching it spiral gracelessly off into the ether without a single response can be utterly depressing. What's the point?

But anyway, I wrote the last two paragraphs a few hours ago and didn't finish this entry. What I meant to say was this:

I posted this entry to a community. And via the wonder of comments, I actually got some feedback. Yay! I'm definitely right to put more energy into lj than usenet.


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