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Just who do you think you are?
delirium happy
I have a couple of questions for anyone who feels like answering them:

1. Who are you?
2. How do you know?

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I am what I am, and I know this courtesy of JMS and his five key questions (Who are you? What do you want? Where are you going?Whom do you serve? Whom do you trust?), which I regularly use as a meditation tool.

1. I'm Adam
2. Because I say so

(Deleted comment)
1. Who are you?

I'm John, aka Racing Hippo, who recently stealth-delurked on UPP, then found you on LJ via my dear buddy tequilatrinity, who has you on her friends list.

You may now shout for your mummy (again), declaim that the world is even smaller than you feared, and wibble a bit.

2. How do you know?

There's a label in the back of my shirt.

PS. Hi :)

I am me... because I want to be. :)

1. I am the being which refers to itself by the label 'ccooke'. I am a singular entity. I am tied to various other entities by a memestructure I label 'relationships'. In some cases, this is friendship. In a few cases, love. These relationships and my interactions with them over time are encoded in a memetic database I call 'memory'. Together with my self-identity, my memory defines who and what I am.
2. I know because the knowledge is hardcoded into the very structure of who and what I am. Self identity is a fundamentally important thing to any self aware memestructure - to be self aware and *not aware of it* goes against the very definition *of* awareness. Therefore, for there to *be* a "me" here, that "me"must *know* it exists. To know that you exist is to know, in some what, who and what you are; the most accurate (if terse) answer to the question "who are you?" is "me", after all. In my personal case, I can go as far as to say: While I cannot understand the low level strctures that give me a self image, I am aware of the upper level structures. I can describe how my mind works from an upper-level abstract, even if I could not explain *exactly* how it works, other than "well, these neurones switch, and...". I can *feel* the structure of my mind... I could even model it in various high level forms. If I can do this, and I know that I am "me", then I must know who I am.
2a. It is of course *possible* that I am not who I *think* I am - for instance, I could be an implanted personality with fake memories. But answer me this - does that make any difference to *me*?

Yeah. What he said. Only with the label Ary tossed in there for effect.

You once told me that you're just a figment of my imagination. Therefore, you are ccooke because I say so. :)

I am me. (If you want a label, 'Michelle' is pretty good if it doesn't have to be uniquely identifying; 'Chessypig' is acceptable if you feel you might be confused by the sheer number of Michelles in the world.)

I know this because recently I had a good look around inside my head and danced around the fire with some alternate me's, and eventually when I knew them all well enough to accept them I found that I was me again.

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