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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Shun me now
delirium happy
I just came to the realisation that in the middle of Can You Fix It by Bob the Builder, that the phrase:

Can we dig it? Yes!
Can we build it? Yes!
Can we fix it? Yes!

is timed such that you can sing along only with the yeses and sound as if you're orgasming.

Fortunately for you all, my microphone proved to be too crappy to adequately capture this effect.

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I have two important questions:

1. Is "Can we fix it" really on your playlist?!?
2. Is your evidence empirical?

No, three! Three important questions:

3. Shall I send you my spare high-quality, heavy-duty, splash-proof microphone?

1. Yes. It's right before Terry Wogan singing The Floral Dance and The Wurzels' I've Got A Brand New Combine Harvester. But as lipstickglove pointed out, it's a damn fine song, as it kept Pondlife, or Demilitarisedzone or somebody from having the christmas number one for that year.

2. Yes. I was singing along to it, but only singing the yeses, and I noticed how they sounded, so I played that bit back a few seconds and repeated myself until I was sure.

3. It wasn't durability that was the problem, but rather pickup. Terrible shame.


not sure how you know, but that cracks me up.

I fear you. And all your kind. (Does that mean I fear myself? I have worse problems than I thought, then.)

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