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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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5 times!
delirium happy
Number two in today's ongoing list (I'll be writing about number three later if I get around to it) of things that annoy rachels:

Mozilla broke last night. So this morning I tried to fix it. This involved reinstalling the thing a total of five times.

Time the first: install version 1.1 over version 1.0. This does Not Much.
Time the second: Uninstall and reinstall the whole damn thing. This makes it work again, but I can't live without decent tabbed browsing, which vanilla moz doesn't have, so I go off to install multizilla. The latest version of that doesn't want to play nice, and the older versions aren't well labeled., therefore..
Time the third: Install version 1.2 and try multizilla again. It still claims it wants a more recent build. More recent than the last even vaguely stable release. This is Highly Sensible.
Time the fourth: Install the most recent nightly build. It works! Multizilla works! Except that there's a slight problem whereby it won't let me enter URLs or use bookmarks.
Time the fifth: G oback and reinstall 1.2 over the top of it. Miraculously, this not only works, but multizilla continues working as well! Hurrah!

The problem at this point becomes that the skin I was using (negative modern) doesn't work with version 1.2 of moz.

So haing installed the bastard thing a total of 5 times, I managed to just about bring it up to a level of working not quite as well as it had been 24 hours previously. Grrrgggaohhg.

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What platform are you on? Standard mozilla's done tabbed browsing for months now.

Notice the word "decent" :)
The tabbed browsing in vanilla mozilla is fairly rigid and doesn't allow you to play around with its settings very much, and it doesn't think in the same way that I do. I like to have it so that pretty much everything other than following a link opens in a new tab, and pretty much nothing opens a new window. Standard moz won't let me do that, afaiaa.

(and fwiw, I'm on win2K)

Standard Mozilla does give you a few options about what opens in tabs and what in new windows, but possibly not as much as you're after.

I must admit I was pleased with Chimera when it decided to do 'view source' as a tab, but it has other quirks. (Althought it's a lot lighter-weight than moz).

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