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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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What's in a name?
delirium happy
I've been thinking about the name issue again. And, thinking it from a multiple perspective, a singular perspective, or any other perspective you care to think of, there are times when I want to be seen as female, and times when I want to present gender-ambiguously. Based on this thought, and on practical considerations, it would seem to be Sensible to:

a. Keep rachel as both my legal name, and a name that I use when I wish to do so
b. Have rho as a nickname that I can also regularly use

My problem that I was looking at things wrongly. Instead of thinking about changing, I should have been thinking about adding.

So, feel free to call me whatever (out of names that I've ever used). Call me rachel, rho, r, quoth, corvus, flossie... whatever. They are all my names. And quite frankly, if you know me, then the odds are that you know damn well not to read a thing into any name I might use. It's people who don't know me yet that I'm more concerned about.

With that in mind, I'm thinking that I'm going to change my LJ username to rho (which I've already registered). having "rachel" in my name implies something very definite about my gender,. "rho" doesn't imply anything (lots of definitely gendered people have ambiguous usernames).

(oooh, good winamp. nice appropriate music -- that one's going in the current music)

The basic idea of this whole thing is that it should be providing me with more freedom, and taking away estrictions, without giving me any new ones. I'm really looking for some feedback on this though, as I'm not sure that there isn't something I haven't thought of. Can anyone think of any reasons why this isn't a good idea, or why I shouldn't change my LJ username?

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Not that I make much sense, but...

I'll leave it to the peanut gallery to comment on how "definitely gendered" I am, but having used a self-chosen name with my friends for the last couple of years can lead to some amusing moments. These generally take the form of "who he?" or sudden (and unwarranted) smugness when they 'accidentally' find out (what might quite accurately be referred to as) my christian name.

The hardest part can be that of convicing people that the orignal name isn't some big secret, merely that it's become outdated.

Are you actually getting the account name changed, or just swapping to a new account?

So long as you let us know when you change usernames (for purposes of adjusting fiends list), I shrug and reckon it's all OK.

The name thing seems like a good idea. Having a 'normal' name as your legal name is a good thing - I'd hate to try to explain lonecat to anyone outside of afp. I'm likely to continue thinking of you as Rachel as it doesn't cause me to make assumptions about you as I already know you.

How will the username change affect your permanent account?

It will cost me US$15 to change my username, but that lets me keep my permanent account status, and all my friends, friend ofs, entries, and everything else, and my current username will forward to the new one.

There's an FAQ about it here

Personally, I like the name Rachel & I think of you as Rachel or Rach as that is how I know you best.
I agree with lonecat tho, I am only Tiggs to my afp friends, otherwise I'm Anna

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