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Name change
delirium happy
rho is dead! Long live rho!

update: marnanel, is there any chance that you could change my info in joule, so that I can keep my old list of friends updates with my new username?

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Happy ... birthday!!! or something.

how did you get your usrname changed?

Yay!!! *champagne toast*

And I didn't even have to change my friends list! w00t!

It's struck me as odd that you're listening to a band called James - a singular name to represent multiple people. Maybe I just need less time at the terminal...

marnanel@pinkstuff:~$ sudo mv /usr/local/var/lib/joule/pickle/quoth_rachel /usr/local/var/lib/joule/pickle/rho

'tis done.

From now on I will be unable to avoid associating you with "density".

My apologies.


A change is as good as a rest, or something.

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