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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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hiding, cousin it
Blah. I feel really sucky right now.

I've utterly failed to get anywhere with nanowrimo, and I'm thinking that my only options are to scrap the idea I've had and start agian or scrap the idea I've had and give up entirely.

I appear to have forgotten how to answer support requests.

I've not been able to sleep, and am currently feeling nto tired but completely exhausted. Too exhausted, in fact, to even think about going to sign class.

In fact, I appear to be unable to do anything at all right now. Reading proved a problem earlier, as my brain found itself wondering what the pomp and circumscission march was.

On the good side, the temptation for me to end this entry by saying "I suck" is extremely weak, because damnit, I know damn well that I'm amazing and I just happen to be having a bad patch.

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..."I suck"

Does not compute.

Anyone who can make me giggle ("pomp and circumscission march") despite being barely awake due to lack of coffee does not suck. Metaphorically speaking, that is. I mean, physically you probably can and do su... oh, never mind.

You can write something.. I'm only doing it because you said you would...
I'm only up to 4080 words so far.. you can't give up yet..

Aha! So it was you after all. I saw your nick on the forums, but wasn't sure if it was you or not, and never got around to ask.

Yes, Homicide on the NaNoWriMo forums is me.. I stick mainly to the England forum for obvious reasons :)

Don't give up, and don't scrap. If I can write total bullshit and something that would make people want to kill themself if they were forced to read it, so can you.

Don't give up. Sleep does exist, it is possible, you will get some.

Well I haven't written anything for nanowrimo yet, and only time will tell if I can fight the procrastination urges. So you can't really be doing badly at least compared to me.

Are you sure you're well? That sounds very much like what I've been struggling with recently, complete exhaustion all the time regardless of if you sleep (although I did sleep... eventually when my body forced me).

Hope you feel better soon.

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