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delirium happy
So, my brain still seems to have been somewhat on the broken side today, but I seem to be feeling a lot better now, which is a Good Thing.

I was just looking for a letter from the university telling me that I dropped out, but I couldn't find one, so I'm going to ring up the university after it turns 9am today and ask them if they can send me another one.

I also did a spot of tidying in my room, and generated three (supermarket size) bags o' crap, and a whole wodge of paper for recycling. Oh yes, and some old love letters from switchbit which were nice to read.

I also spoke (via ICQ) with Amy, my first ever SO for the first time in years earlier today, which was really cool. I can't believe that that bit of my life was almost three years ago. So much has happened since. Blimey.

I finally got around to fetching down my radio/tape player from atop my wardrobe so that I could listen to the mix-tape that anotheryourself sent me... but alas, the stupid thing didn't work! I'll have to buy a cheapo tape player at some point.

In related (in my head -- exciting mail from foreign parts sort of thing) news, I never did thank xtremesaints for the postcard she sent me from Estonia. So thank you.

And finally, I noticed the other day that are offering free delivery on any orders over £39. I also noted today that Attack of the Clones is coming out on DVD in about a week. I am so clearly doomed, I may just go and engage in a spot of retail therapy now.

And I know that all sounds very bitty, but by and large I'm very pleased with this wake cycle so far.

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I have a cheap and nasty walkman you can use if you like, i can't say anything for sound quality (what would I know...) but its there if you want it. I may even have some evil headphones if you don't have any (why I don't know cos I can't use the buggers).

Anyways cleaning is always good. Just made a small dent in this room too, too much election crap error... I am soooo tempted by that amazon offer, I could just cheat and get the family presents from there.. I wanna get my dad a book on welding, cos he's SO into it and it will also annoy Gail - 2 birdies with one stone I think... Must get welding lessons for kim&I too cos welding is cool . o O (Scrapheap!!!!!!!)



You're ever so welcome =) Postcards sprees are nice ^^

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