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File sharing
delirium happy
What programs are the cool kids using for filesharing these days? Specificly for mp3 sharing. I'm currently using shareaza (a gnutella client) but it can be a little annoying at times. It's certainly not as good as audiogalxy was. So what should I be using?

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kazaa lite. it's as good as kazaa but without the spyware and ads.

most of the uni here seems to use it anyway and although it's not as good as audiogalaxy, there is quite a lot of stuff on it.


Kazaa seems to be The Thing in Europe (it's what I use); it is less popular in the States where I believe LimeWire is current favourite.
There has been a fair bit of hoo-haa over Kazaa and "spyware" that it allegedly installed. It's true - they did. But "spyware" is a bad name for it - they just embedded a prog that could (in the future) "harness the spare computing power" of your 'puter in a Seti-at-home-like manner. Except they never actually asked if they could.
Apparently they've improved things in v1.7 so that you actually get asked.
Naturally, the community reacted in the only way they know how - they cloned it without the "spyware". That's KazaaLite.

The ruse is discovered:
Good article on exactly what the hoo-haa is about:
Kazaa Lite:,1285,51916,00.html

winMX has never failed to find the music I've looked for, and episodes of American television too (which is why I've never looked any further).

yeah, i use it. don't always find what i'm looking for. miss audiogalaxy. but this is OK as a substitute.


kazaalite is great for .mp3s and the latest episodes of buffy.
But I'm a recent convert to edonkey - people share much bigger files there and I often have several G of stuff queued up. edonkey does require a lot more setup than kazaa, in that you really need to have port forwarding so that it's ports aren't NATed.


I like ShareReactor and KazaaLite - the former is better for more obscure stuff, the latter has more efficient algorithms if you can find what you want.

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