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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Any volunteers?
delirium happy
Apparently, 86% of you strange people want me to write a piece of unmitigated dung, with no redeeming features whatsoever. Now, I have to ask, would any of you actually read it? If I get 3 volunteers to read 50,000 words of a quality similar to vogon poetry, then I'll write them. Otherwise, I think I'm going to give up :)

After all, writing without an audience is just mental masturbation, and I'm really not feeling horny right now.

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I'll readt it. I mean, if I can survive writing my own, I'd sure as hell would manage to read yours. And

and I'm really not feeling horny right now.
That's a shame

Hey, I'm reading everyone else's NaNo, I might as well read your too - especially if it gets you to write it :)

You might like to get in touch with haggis, too - she's claimed the title of 'the offical NaNoWriMo Cheerleading Squad'...

I'll read it hun.. it has to be at least as good as my poetry!

Take care

I'll read it.
I want to see inside your head and I don't want to eat your brain... not while you're using it, anyway.

i should like to read it.

Well I would say yes but my procrastination skills amaze even me sometime...

I'm there! I need some useless nonsense to distract me.

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