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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Yeh, well it amused me
delirium happy
[06:07:07] <seymour> damn, 24 rocks.
[06:07:37] <rho> wow. that's a lot of rocks
[06:07:54] <seymour> yes, 24 of them!
[06:07:57] <seymour> look out!
[06:08:20] <rho> well, only about 18 really. and 6 adverts that are pretending to be rocks
[06:08:38] <seymour> damn pretending-to-be-rocks
[06:09:05] <rho> yeh. in my day, we had *propper* rocks
[06:09:23] <seymour> although, i could say there are really 29 so far! :)
[06:10:02] <rho> 18 normal rocks, 6 pretend rocks, and 5 invisible rocks?
[06:10:23] <seymour> maybe

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LOL! That was amusing because I was there and was so clueless

PS-Just saying hi :) Ive never really been to your journal before

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