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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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windows? what windows?
delirium happy
Well that's annoying. Just earlier the dodgy living room light decided that it would like to trip out the mains. A little bit annoying, but no big deal. Or so I think. But when I switch my computer back on afterwards, windows decides that it doesn't want to boot. It goes through all the normal booting type activities, but then when it gets to the bit where windws should actually appear, it pauses... and then reboots. So naturally, I tried using last known good, and safe mode, but it does exactly the same things.

So I spoke to kimble about this, and apparently her box did exactly the same thing earlier, and the solution that she found was to reinstall windows. Great. And of course, as I'm a complete idiot, I have various stuff on that partition that I don't have backed up anywhere, and don't want to lose. So the solution is to install windows on a different hard-drive, use that to copy anything useful looking to a network drive, and then reinstall windows again, this time on its proper drive.

So kim has lent me a spare 6GB hard drive, a win2k cd and a screwdriver, and I'm procrastinating playing with windows installation by writing this update on kludge (the living room compuer). *sob*

Oh yes, and sorry to deslea for disappearing in the middle of a conversation, but I'm sure you'll understand that it was out of my control.

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...drusilla's dead. my webcam doesn't work.


Drusilla is turned off atm, because she lives right next to spike (my windows box) and doing anything to spike generally involves crawling under the desk and what have you, which normally ends up with me pulling out wires that I didn't mean to pull out or what have you, so she stays turned off while I'm doing stuff like this. Sorry about that.


Oh ok, I figured something like that. LJ is making it very hard to reply.

*hugs you again, a lot*

Install over your old partition. It doesn't _have_ to reformat the partition. I've done it several times.

Or if you made the rescue disks you were told by the Setup to make last time you installed you can run the rescue option and have it rebuild the windows(2k) install

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