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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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hiding, cousin it
Update on the previous entry: having played around with it for a while, I've failed to so much as get my BIOS to recognise the second hard-drive. Blatantly I'm doing something stupid, but I'm not sufficiently with-it to figure out what.

So instead, I'm going to ignore my computers for a while, and have a good read. I think i'll start that book that sath leant me, Bonedance I think it was called.

And I hope this manages to dispel any rumours that I actually know anything about computers.

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If the drives are IDE, they have jumpers on them which must be physically set to tell the drive what role you want it to play. Be VERY CAREFUL that you set the jumpers correctly.

Jumpers suck fluffy donkey balls. I once accidentally set one HDD to cable select and my IDE controller broke.

That's a fine book. Enjoy. (Not that you'll see this right away, but I wanted to say it.)

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