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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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hiding, cousin it
It's currently 06:00. The probability of me still being awake come 13:00 are somewhere around about 0. This means I'm going to be missing Yet Another sign class. Still, I'm generally in far too dark a mood to deal with some of the more annoying people on the course, together with Chr*stm*s penc that's going to be happening this week, so maybe that's actually a Good Thing. I'm becoming massively tempted to drop out.

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i'm just making sure everyone who lists me as a friend and who i list back sees these two things.



sorry if you've replied to either, i'm just going through everybody.



I guess I was lucky my sign tutor only taught us a few words for christmas stuff, and made it pretty non-denominational, we had a group of jehovahs witnesses in the group so it wasn't harped on about too much.

the so called xmas party didn't happen till the last week before we brok eup and was called an end of term party cos there were at least 5 people of definite non xmas celebrating religions, and a number of us who weren't xmas fans... the party was cool cos we had to sign for the first half but the 2nd we just talked - we were allowed to talk with voice for the fist time ever, but most of us found we were signing anyways cos it felt wrong to use voice, and we got to talk to Paul (tutor) about cool stuff....

I hope you don't drop the sign, but I can see why it may become a drag especially if you have morons on your course. Not what you need when your sleep patterns are fucked and not really in the mood.

Christmas sucks.... Altho kinda useful for guit tripping my idiot father into being slightly less of an idiot for a while.



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