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delirium happy

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Text editor.
delirium happy
Following the recent windows install, I'm still not fully up to date on all the reinstalls, and I've just now found myself needing a decent text editor. I can't remember what the one I was using before was called, and while it was nice enough, I wasn't massively attached to it anyway. So, can anyone recommend any decent freeware windows text editors to me? Decent search and replace is an absolute must, and syntax handling (HTML mainly) would be nice. Oh yes, and it has to be gui, that sort of thing becomes important when you use a mouse for copy and paste. So. Suggestions?

And while I'm at it, any other suggestions for stuff that I should be downloading/installing at this point? I still have a very clean install of windows at the moment, so I need to put a lot more crap on it.

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Text editor = Rogsoft Notepad Plus. Doesn't do anything fancy with HTML, but it does search and replace, doesn't limit file size like regular Windows Notepad, allows multiple windows at once. It's a goodie. Get it here

Personally I always use use gvim (http://www.vim.org) on whichever platform I'm on; yes I know it's vi, and therefore not to everyone's tastes, but the GUI versions let you do everything in a windows way, in addition to giving you absurd numbers of keyboard controls. It has syntax highlighting options for more languages than pretty much anything I've seen. I can't remember if the default windows install includes all the standard ctl-c /ctl-v commands though. Consider this more a "I use" than "I suggest you use" comment.

Prior to that I always used Programmer's File Editor, which was nice and compact, and stable, and configurable, and ISTR did good syntax highlighting, and then got abandoned. TANJ.

If you hadn't said "freeware" I'd have heartily recommended Multi-Edit as the most feature-rich, multi-language-supporting editor on the planet (but unfortunately $139).
Ultra-Edit comes a close shareware second ($35).

I am led to believe that such things can be found lying around on the internet for the kind of price you're looking at. But I wouldn't know about that kind of thing....

I use ConText (http://fixedsys.com/context/) - it does all the things you specify, but sometimes the miserable word wrapping support can be unhelpful for webpage thingamies; I mostly use it for coding, as I don't do anything complicated enough in HTML to worry about context highlighting.

Aquarion would suggest EditPlus, which does pretty syntax highlighting and multiple windows and other shiny things. The only reason I'm not using it is I haven't got round to it yet. I've got a feeling it's shareware though.

you could try TextPad www.textpad.com I think

for starters

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