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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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The A-Z of me
delirium happy
I saw someone else do this ages ago, and thought "oh, what a cool idea, I must do that" and then promptly forgot about it. But then anotheryourself just did the same thing just now so I remembered, so now I'm doing it too.

a is for artiodactyls, my favourite type of animal
b is for bed, where I spend an awful lot of my time
c is for cheese, which I practically live on
d is for depression, which is still a far bigger part of my life than I'd like it to be
e is for eeyore, one of my personal heros
f is for faith in myself, which is important to me, because I have it now but didn't use to
g is for geek, which I am
h is for hair, which I have a lot of
i is for introspection, something I tend to do with great frequency
j is for jedi, which I didn't enter as my religion on last year's census form, but possibly should have
k is for Kent where I currently live
l is for Lancashire, where I was born and grew up
m is for morality, which I have a keen sense of, even if it is different from the mainstream
n is for nocturnal, which I seem to be a lot of the time
o is for odd, which is quite a good description of me
p is for physics, which is the first degree I failed, but still something of a passion
q is for queer, which I am in oh so many ways
r is for Red Dwarf, the first ever online fadom I was involved with
s is for support, which is probably the most globally meaningful thing I've ever done, and the most impressive thing I could put on a CV. Which is slightly depressing.
t is for They Might Be Giants, who are, without a shadow of a doubt, the greatest band ever.
u is for usenet, where I spend less time than I used to
v is for viscious circles, which I seem to encounter a lot of.
w is for wednesday addams, another of my personal heros
x is for xu, which is a Vietnamese coin, and a really useful word to know when playing scrabble
y is for you. The people reading ths have collective been a huge part of my life
z is for zumenon, which I take twice daily if I remember