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delirium happy

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Crossover deathmatch
delirium happy
You know how some people have a love of crossover fiction, pitting something from one universe against something from another? Who would win if Dumbledore fought Gandalf? Could Granny Weatherwax use headology on a dementor? Could the Enterprise D beat a super star destroyer? You know the sort of thing. Of course, the questions are completely meaningless because the original works are so different. But I've just thought up the ultimate crossover deathmatch. I'll write it up in the unlikely event that I ever get the tuits, but i just had to share it with you, because it's too perfect. And if anyone else wants to steal the idea then please feel free. But anyway:

What would happen if the deathstar fought the luggage?

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Well, we all know who'd win, but wow - that'd be a great battle to watch!
I look forward to reading it...........

A number of the ST/SW crossovers I used to read had a lot of enterprise VS star destroyer battles. I think it was pretty evenly matched as to who won each time.

My Super Star destroyer would easily beat teh Enterprise D, for starters the enterprise doesn't have loads of really cool turbolasers and hangers full of X-Wings.

set shields full ahead, x-wings pop around the back and blow up the enterprise. Also stormtroopers have nicer uniforms :)

Hate to tell you, but the last time I checked, no super star destroyer had X-wings. The reason for this is that X-wings were a purely rebel craft. And Super Star Destroyers were Imperial. Then again, who knows, I could be wrong.

They did have fleets of TIE though. Fighters, Bombers, Interceptors, Defenders... Hell, even the TIE Advanced! (a very fun vehicle to fly, in TIE fighter).

IIRC, after the fall of the empire, many captured imperial vessels were put to use by the new republic, which would give you super star destroyers with X-wings. And TIEs would suck heavily against the Enterprise due to their lack of shields. And I can't believe I just wrote that.

Well, The tie defender and advanced both had shields, iirc. Also, your'e absolutely right about the SSD's having rebel stuff after the fall of the empire. I would say "Well, that didn't happen in the movies!" but i'm mentioning ties that weren't in the movies anyway.

I'm not a huge trekkie (i'd have to bug sarah for info, and she's at school) but how well would enterprise weapons work against ties? I mean, I understand the Enterprise has powerful weapons, but they all seem to be rather slow firing. An intercepter could outrun a photon torpedo any day, and there just aren't enough other weapons to keep up... are there?

Like i said, this is all in my very uninformed knowledge/opinion.

As I recall from some of the older fanfic stuff, the enterprise would do okay against the Star Destroyers as long as it attacked from warp, which basically means it's limited to photon torpedoes. As soon as it drops from warp to use phasers say, it becomes a target for the SD's weapons. I think that someone suggested using the Picard Maneuver on an SD - attack from the front, then do a warp jump to just behind it, while it has full forward shields set, then blow the shit out of the unshielded aft section...

Mind you they also suggested that Darth Vader just use the force to choke JLP and get it over with that way.

Hoo, this is taking me back a few years ;)

But wouldn't travelling in warp cause them to pass by the SD too quickly anyway? I mean, I'm assuming at warp speeds there can't be a whole lot of "evasive manuvering" to just stay around the SD...

Also, how far does Vader's physical ability to control things reach? Can he choke someone on a ship thousands of kilometers away? only if it's on the viewscreen? only if he can hear him? only if he knows he's there? how would it work?

The whole point about the Picard manoever is that it's manoevering at warp speed; very very difficult, but remotely possible.

Ah, okay. Like I said, uninformed opinion :) Thank you! Now I feel more knowledgable. and my place in the geekdom is assured.

aye. I think the PM involved a warp jump for a very short length of time, just enough to put you behind the ship you were facing. It was quite hard to do cos of the prescision involved

I think you could probably do lots of little warp hops, pop out of warp, launch weapons and then hop back in before the SD could bring weapons to bear. Kind of like a mozzie buzzing a bear or something.

As for the Vader choking thing, we know that he can do it over a view screen, cos he did it to Admiral Ozzell in one of the films. It's probably just a focus thing, you need to see what you're acting on.

i was tired and hung over and i know i made a mistake :) least i got the right genre oh and if i wanted to be really pedantic, there were cases in the books of rebels capturing SSD's and using them :)

I love the word pedantic. Just so you know.

deyo says, "Well, we already know the Deathstar can be destroyed."

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