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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Found the bastard
delirium happy
Yay! I just found the bastard thing!

On the plus side, I also managed to find some other stuff that had been mislaid/forgotten about in the process of searching for it. Among the finds:

My TV remote control
A boxed and unused graphics card
Lots of books
Almost an entire wossname of fluoxetine

On the down side, I also found several things that reminded me of my trip to NY. And while these are good memories, the wounds are still a little bit too fresh atm.

And now I have to sod off into town, growl at a hapless bank cashier to cancel these cheques, buy some stamps, and then I can get this sorted. Which I really don't feel like doing at the moment. Maybe I should engage in a spot of retail therapy while I'm at it, only I can't actually think of anything that I want right now, and I can't afford it either. Bah.