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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Naked quiditch
delirium happy
This had me in absolute hysterics -- naked quiditch

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That was so...wrong.

I'm eagerly anticipating updates.

*dies laughing*

hey, wait, to be continued?! that is so wrong! *cries*

Heh. Hehehehehehehehe.

It's important to time your attacks for when the balls are in the air. Because there's nothing like putting a balls-up to your advantage.

hmm, blocked by the school proxy. must get around *tappity tappity*

backup internet connection rocks.

This stuff is hilarious, had me in stitches :)

Many thanks for pointing it out :)

Rho, you eveil thing that just wasted an hour,,,

and then theres the rest of the stuff in the library.

Thank you :) I am managing to stay at work thanks to this :)

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