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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Unrelated things
I've just made an extremely pissed off rant about christmas as a comment in someone else's journal. Bad me.

And so, I'm going to say something vaguely more cheerful, before I want to rip the head off someone. Earlier today, I received one of the more unusual compliments I've had in a little while. The identity of the person who said this shall be kept a secret, to protect the guilty, but the quote was:

I knew there was a reason I wanted to be slashed with you.

Well it's different, I'll give it that.

And in entirely unrelated news, I've been read\ing a whole lot of Harry Potter fanfic the past couple of days. Stop looking at me like that.

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Don't be lured into the world of HP fanfic... you'll never come out alive!

Ugh. Christmas. Yeah, I hear you. Bleagh.

My son asked me why I didn't like Christmas the other day. I told him it was that very special time of year when I get to go without even more of life's essentials so everyone else can get an even bigger piece of me, in the name of a deity half of them don't believe in and that I do believe in but don't like very much at the moment. Oh, and half my friends drop off the internet.

He said he would make me a present. I said that was very nice of him, thank you, but we're still doing it low-key.

Oh - and *snerk*

i give christmas presents.
but among friends, I call them "secular american gift-giving holiday" presents. and I try to keep them small.
i resent the commercialism that surrounds christmas, though, in large part because of its hypocrisy. the holiday was started in order to celebrate the birth of jesus, who, if i recall correctly, wasn't exactly into having large amounts of stuff. and now we see what it's become.
plus, we're expected to give gifts to people that we might not really be able to buy gifts for - there are certain members of my family for whom i feel obligated to buy gifts but I don't really know what to get them.
personally, I think the best gifts are those given "just because".

something nothing to do with the update....

what you upto at new years babe? come and talk to me!!!

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