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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Because I want to
delirium happy
Later today I'm going up north to visit my parents. This means that right now, I really ought to be packing whatever stuff I'm going to take with me. But I don't want to, so instead I'm going to do a stupid poll.

Poll #82301 silly poll

Which of the following tend to be the most psychotic?

Bus drivers
Car drivers

Are gherkins evil?


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bus drivers & yes


(Deleted comment)
Oh I dunno, the bus drivers on oxford road in Manchester are the most evil drivers of any, especially if you're on a bike...

I've gone with car drivers, on the basis that only a fraction of the motoring psycho population would be allowed to drive buses at any one time. However bus drivers remain responsible for some of the more psychotic motoring I've come across. Bristol was particularly bad for it, where regular drivers on the routes generally frequented by students had earned nicknames based on their own specific psychotic bus-driving style. Such classics as "Mr Crammer" (so called for his unusual interpretation of the buses' capacity rating), "Mr Nigel Mansell" (High-speed cornering and bushy eyebrows) and "Mr Death-to-all-cyclists" (obvious) were all too common.

Needless to say I usually walked to lectures.

Gherkins are of course undisputedly evil.

Oh, and Canterbury seems to have an unusually low bus-driver-psychoticness rating; I attribute this to the darwinian influence of the Westgate, weeding out all but the most careful drivers by ensuring that the psychos get sacked for repeatedly pranging the upper deck and coming back without wing mirrors.

In New Zealand, it's definitely car-drivers. They are the very spawn of satan.

Gherkins, on the other hand are not evil - oh, they *aspire* to be evil, but they don't have the style. In terms of evillness, they are Smee, not Captain Hook.

no mention of taxi drivers?? they're definately the mad ones around here

well, the question was psychotic, so i'm going with bike riders. They tend to be more "oh-my-god-the-world-is-falling-apart-and-if-you-dont-stop-driving-your-cars-(pause for a sip of overpriced juice smoothie)-the-ozone-will-disappear-and-we'll-all-die"

at least the ones in Oregon seem that way....

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