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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Friends list tidying
hiding, cousin it
I just deleted 74 people/communities from my friends list. If you were one of the people dropped, then rest assured that it was nothing personal, and only that I found myself skipping over a lot of entries on my friends page. Either keep me on your list or drop me, whichever you want.

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yay! I'm still on it! And I thought you didn't care

Whee! Made the cut.

This is like LiveJournal survivor.

Hmm . . . I'm not supposed to contact you off the board, am I?

Hi, I hope you don't mind my commenting in your journal (if you do, feel free to delete this; I won't be offended), but I thought you might be interested in this:


The style is public, so you can look at the source (and copy it over to yourself), but I'll say this much before you do: everything centers around the way that LJ strips <embed< and <iframe> tags (I think that's all I used, though <object> and <script> and probably some other things would get stripped as well) before sending HTML to your browser. If you look at the HTML source of the page, it's actually very clean, because all of the hiding is server-side rather than client-side, so to speak. This also has technical advantages over the frameset, such as the abilities to support friends-page filtering and /friendsfriends. The main complication is that if you mess something up in editing the style, it could be really hard to figure out what (with something like this, I would recommend extreme caution and/or solid programming experience).

If you want help editing the style (or even if you want to give me a more detailed spec such that I'll make it how you want and you can just copy the style), I'm quite willing; this is a new thing I've figured out, so I'm having great fun messing around with it.


Re: Hmm . . . I'm not supposed to contact you off the board, am I?

I think that we can make an exception for the off the board thing here :)

I'm actually away from home right now, and on a computer where I can type considerably faster than the computer can update, and which takes about 30 seconds to change windows, etc. so I can't really look at this properly at the moment.

I'll give you a proper reply to this on thursday or friday when I'm back at home, but for now, thanks for working on this for me. It looks good.

Please forgive me, I suck

Firstly, appologies for not getting back to you sooner on this, because it makes me seem like an ungrateful wench, which I'm really not. I appreciate all the work you've put into this. Just that I was away from home, and then it looked as if S2 was going to render all this obsolete anyway, and now I'm busy with various syndication stuff and don't really have the time/motivation to look at nifty styles any more.

If you're still willing to do even more work on this for me then I would be eternally grateful, but if you'd rather not then that's not a problem at all. If you are still interested in doing above and beyond style creation for me, then I can give you full specifications for what I want.

If you'd rather not (and do feel free to say no) then I will get around to looking at this at some point, I'm just too busy for it atm.

If you are still interested in doing above and beyond style creation for me, then I can give you full specifications for what I want.

I'm totally interested.

This may sound strange, but thanks for deleting me, and uderstanding that it's more the lack of personal interaction (me finks) than dislike - but the plus side means I can whittle down my friends list a tad, for reasons of time, etc. without thinking you're likely to feel bad.

Been nice rea skimming your posts <wry smile> and will sees yer around in other places no doubt.

Have fun! :)

i checked, and woohoo! i haven't gotten boring yet!

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