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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Why does the universe torment me so?
hiding, cousin it
I was just flicking idly through the TV guide, wondering if there's anything good on tonight (there isn't) when I saw this:

BBC Choice, 12:30am -- The Ralf Little Show

I mean yes, it's not on a main channel, and yes, it's on at half past midnight, but still. That just shouldn't happen.

*assumes foetal position and sobs*

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There is no such person, there is no such show.
(At least, I've never heard of it).

um, what's so bad about it? (having never heard of it myself)

I went to school with Ralf Little. He was an annoying tosser. That he gets his own TV show, is just... distressing.

I'm guessing you missed Ralf Little's Edinburgh Nights every evening for three weeks in 2001? The usual Edinburgh (fringe festival) Nights format was thrown out to instead focus on down to earth working class lad Ralf's opinions and drunken-in-the-pub interviews with various performance comedy greats.

This said you do seem to be in the habit (judging from the TV noise I hear from your room) of watching Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps, the substandard BBC sitcom in which Ralf stars (rather than just being the teenage son who makes the tea as he is in The Royle Family). He's also a regular pundit on BBC 1's (and BBC Choice's) Liquid News, the late night completely pointless entertainment 'news' show on which completely pointless celebrities spout their completely pointless opinions about completely pointless (and completely personal) things A-list celebrities have done.

I once saw him on there discussing the TV job he had where he was required to dress up as a woman (apparently to experience what it was like, from what I remember from the interview).

BTW did you spot him in British Film of the Year 24 Hour Party People playing Joy Division and New Order bassist Peter Hook?

I guess it's always possible you're actively wiping these things from your mind...

Oh and he starred in a West End play about The Beatles and had a part in another feature film, Al's Lads.

Did I mention he comes across as obnoxious and occasionally appears to be an alcoholic? Also you can see pointless pictures of him being pointless in Heat magazine the home of pointless celebrity news in print (or maybe that's the tabloid press... well they have the glossy pictures anyway).

You're really quite cruel, you know.
Keep up the good work :-)


You know, that's an awful damn lot of information to have in your head about Evil.

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