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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Back home
delirium happy
So I'm back down in the land of milk, honey and bandwidth, aka Canterbury. Not only do I have bandwidth again, I also have something like 2.5 times as much screen space, and a fast processor and a stable operating syatem.

Naturally, the trains back down here were fairly atrocious. Sitting around in Preston station for 40 minutes waiting fr virgin trains to appear, in the middle of winter, is not my idea of fun. But I'm back down here now, which is nice. And it's a good thing, because I was starting to want to kill my parents.

Admitedly, this was partly my fault, for telling them absolutely nothing about my life. This resulted in them asking the sort of questions that could have been specificly designed to depress me: "do you still speak to Sam much?" "are you enjoying your sign classes?" "have you looked into the OU yet?" and what have you. And because I don't want the nth degree, I just give one word non-commital answers, and do my best not to curl up in the corner and sob.

That last needs a bit of explanation. I'd meant to study with the open university next year, except that when I looked into it just recently I discovered that I've left it too rate for next year's courses (starting in February. The reason for this is, clearly, that I am an idiot.

On the plus side, my mum gave me a cheque for £500 for christmas, and my dad about £100 of notes, and about £150 of £1 and £2 coins, so I am, temporarily, wealthy (that is to say, my overdraft will be significantly smaller than my overdraft limit), so I'm contemplating a minor splurge. Purchases that I am considering include: a gameboy advanced, a palm, a UPS, buffy series 5 DVDs, angel series 2 DVDs, etc. This is all going to wait until after christmas is over though, because I am sane.