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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Because I'm addicted to polls.
delirium happy
I have nothing particularly interesting to say, so instead it's poll time. Hurrah! There are two polls here. Answers to the first are viewable to everyone, answers to the second are viewable only to me. Please answer 0, 1 or 2 of the polls as you see fit.

Poll #86808 gender

What do you think my gender is?

What do you think that I think my gender is?

Poll #86809 kisskiss

Which three people on LiveJournal would you most like to kiss?

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Are you making a distinction between "sex" (i.e. as physical gender) and "gender" (i.e. as psychological/psychosocial/psychowhatever perceived thingummy)?

I left the question fairly vague so people could interpret it however they wanted, but personally, yes I was.

(Deleted comment)

Re: I have silly question (and potentially a few follow-ups to it)

I'm generally fairly easy going when it comes to pronouns. She/her/her, they/them/their and ey/em/eir are all fine, and I use all of them when referring to myself in the third person from time to time. If I had to go for just one set then I'd go with the spivaks (the third group) but any of them are fine.

And do feel free to ask away. I like questions (it's a support thing :)). Sometimes (very occasionally) I say that I don't want to answer, but I always like questions.

And I'm glad you read that entry and actually followed some of the links. It took long enough to write, and I'd hte to think it went into the void.

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