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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Review of the year - part one
delirium happy
So I don't normally go in for this sort of thing. Or at least I say that I don't. I think that I marked the new year last year as well. Anyway.


The year started off with a sever case of smit. I was smitten, besotted and in love with the wonderful ruthi. Which I don't think I've ever actually said in as many words in this journal before, so you can all gasp in a complete lack of amazement. She wa in England at the time, and came to visit me for a couple of days. A very pleasant, happy and enjoyable couple of days. After that things got very confusing. I loved her, she loved me (I think) but for various reasons things just weren't right, and we never got together. I was upset for a while, but I moved on, and I still love her today, just in a different way.

January also saw me go a week for the first time in a long time without any sort of self deprecation, or putting myself down. I managed this (just) and it was one of the better things I've ever done. It helped me develop a more positive outlook on life. I was sceptical about it, but I'd recommend this to anyone who's prone to self-deprecation, as it can genuinely help.

Also in Januray I first got to know bunnyk


February was, in fact, a fairly uneventful month. I sent my first ever valentine's day card, wore a corset for the first (and to date, only) time, got really pissed off with people who were "worshipping" me who really ought to have known better about the issues I have with that sort of thing, and got to use a dual monitor setup for the first time. And that was just about it.


March was by far a more interesting month. Most importantly, it saw the startof my relationship with sam42. It also saw my 21st birthday and my purchase of a paid account on LiveJournal. It also saw my first forays into fighting the good fight, and doing what has to be done. In cases where somebody needs to do something, I wouldn't be the someone. This rant is the first example of an exception to that. Finally, march was the month that saw my first attempts at programming. I liked March. It was a good month.


This was another fairly uneventful month. More evidence of me doing stuff that needs doing and I finally got my new computer. Other than that, not a lot happened. The 28th saw premonitions of things to come in the form of a conversation and a dream


As if to compensate for the broingness of april, things were all go in May. I went to a uk.people.poly meet, which was my first non-afp meet for ages. I also took my first leave of absence from #afp, which resulted in me going onto snowplains which resulted in me meeting sath for the first time. I also proved just how sick and twisted my mind truly is by writing a piece of tweenies slash which is still the only piece of slash I've ever written. I booked a flight to New York and started the process of applying for a passport. In my seemingly never ending quest for self understanding I somewhat tentatively started exploring multiplicity issues[1]. And finally, I got to see Attack of the Clones. While I recognise that this may not seem particularly important, it is to someone who is as much of a Star Wars geek as I am.

[1] Several people have asked me where I currently stand on this. The simple answer is that it is no longer really an issue and can safely be ignored. This is not 100% accurate, but is close enough for most purposes. I keep meaning to write an entry about it, or if you're really curious then youcan ask me about it on IRC/IM at some point.

And that concludes part one. I was planning on doing all of this in one go, but I'm tired, so I'm going to go sleep now. June to December is going to have to wait until next year, as will my general impressions of the year, and how I've changed over it.