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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Review of the year -- part 2
delirium happy
Part 1


Following the trend for even numbered months set by February and April, the majority of June was also exceptionally boring.

I added my 100th LiveJournal friend, finally got my passport, and had someone recognise my voice as female over the phone which happens with sufficient rarety to be worth writing home about.

Finally, at the very end of the month, things started to get interesting as I went to New York to visit sam42 and got to see The Arrogant Worms playing live


The first fortnight of July was spent in New York with sam42 and so really couldn't have been anything other than fantastic. amongst other things, I got to see a Star Wars exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum of Art and the empire state buildingand go on a boat trip around Manhattan. All in a single entry I also visited the American Museum of Natural History and Coney Island, and went to my first Neil Gaiman signing of the year.Looking back now, I ought to have been more active and done more stuff, but it was still an amazing couple of weeks.

The second half of July was considerably less interesting, as is to be expected, but did feature multi-coloured pigtails. And then, at the end of the month, sam42 proposed to me. I said yes. In hindsight, this was a mistake. But we all make mistakes, and I like to think I'm wiser now than I was then. And that's all I shall say on that.

July was also the first month in which I contemplated doing LiveJournal support although I didn't actually act on my contemplations at that point.


August bucked the trend somewhat by being an even numbered month when I actually did stuff. To start with, it was mostly geeky stuff. I created a second personal journal, bought a webcam and managed to start the most stupid thread ever on rec.games.roguelike.adom. More significantly, I also started doing LiveJournal support.

The second half of the month actually had me leaving the house with alarming regularity, including a visit to Rochester castle (pictures), soubrette and womble2's wedding, and my second and third Neil Gaiman signings of the year, in Canterbury and Cambridge.


September started off fantasticly. First off, sath and I finally got together and then I started BSL classes and finally got around to signing on.

The rest of the month wasn't bad either, although it was a whole lot less interesting. I finally got so pissed off at the whole online test phenomenon that I created one of my own, I switched my keyboard layout to dvorak (which I have since abandoned) and I bought a permanent account. And that's about it.


Not a great deal actually happened in October, but those bits that did happen were generally of fairly high significance. I gave up entirely on #afp, which really was the end of an era for me.

After thinking about it and then thinking about it some more I decided that I would like to go by the name of rho, and changed my username to fit.

In support I gained I1 and then I2 privs in g/unk in quick succession. Syndication also went live in October.

Finally, I went to Horsham where I met sath in person for the first time.


Even less happened in November than in October. By far the most significant thing was that I broke up with sam42. I still care about her hugely, it just wasn't working.

Also in November, I got supporthelp in gunk and was added to LiveJournal's contributors page and I first got to know deslea and rahaeli. And that's about as significant as I can get.


Much of December was spent being too busy angsting about christmas or slow computers or christmas again to be able to actually do anything. Even so, I did manage to find time to clear my friends list and learn what naff means.

I also wrote about my history of severe depression for what I think was the first time ever, which is probably a big thing.

Finally, I was made admin of the syndication category of support, which is something that I think I am justifiably proud of. That was an excellent way for me to end the year.

Overall, 2002 was a good year. Looking back, I've progressed so much. When the year started, I was still under the dark thrall of depression, and though it is still an issue, it no longer rules my life. Over the past twelve months I have learned self-confidence and self-belief. I've learned that I am capable of getting things done. I've lost touch with old friends, but i've gained new ones. I've gained more of an insight into who I am and what I think is important in life. And I'm a whole lot happier in general than I was this time 12 months ago as well.

I wonder if anyone actually read through all of this

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I read it, though I didn't re-read all the posts you linked to.

I read it too babes, Happy New Year :)

I read it all too :-) Well done you! *hugs* Happy 2003!

Read it (but not all the linked-entries). Am going to do one. Is good idea. Did not get enough sleep last night, hence am writing in weird sentances.

Me too but not the links.

May 2003 be better for you (if you believe in all this stuff...)

but you didn't talk about meeeeeee!


i'm kidding. very interesting, especially as i only "met" you midyear, myself. and it inspired me to do my own. and sadly i will not be talking about you, i don't think, as i can't remember when we "met" exactly. it was somewhere near the end of my nebulous time off.


June 9 for you, the early hours of June 10 for me. I know all. I see all.

And I would have mentioned you, except that I didn't write about you at the time, because I hadn't realised how cool you are at that point. Which was very silly of me.

eep! i'm so embarassed that i don't know that!

I only know because I cheated.

Rule of the universe #701: Those who keep logs of everything will always end up looking more intelligent than they really are.

I read it. Look, you're popular *point*

here's hoping 2003 is even better for you love, take care, EMAIL ME sometimme, and take care.

Luv you lots funky girl


I read it. And I didn't yawn ;) It does actually sound like a good year, I'm happy for you.

I read both summaries, as well as several of the linked entries. It was interesting, in an interesting sort of way. (Not sure how to describe it better.)

I shall be adding you as a friend.

Best wishes for the new year.

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