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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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The mutagen
delirium happy
You know that meme that's been going around recently where someone says something cool about everyone on their friends list? For anyone who hasn't seen it, there's an example here.

I'd like to prose a variant to it. Instead of me saying something cool about all of you lot, I want to invite you all to say something cool about me, which I think is a much better system.

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Of course, use me as an example.

Anyway, I *DID* say something cool about you! So, I'm done. *nods*

You're a wonderful, beautiful, intelligent, and unique human being, who I love dearly and miss lots.


You're very cool and I admire you deeply.

You're you, you're a lovely, wonderful person, and I admire you lots :-)

You have wonderful hair. You admit to making mistakes. You're not afraid to hold contraversial opinions and you explain yourself well. You don't fill your journal with online tests.

*points upwards* What s/he said. And you're one of the geek-savviest people I know. And you're going to help me take over the online world.

And I still want to be slashed with you. *giggle*

Can't say in all honesty that I know you all that well, but I can say for certain that you're one of the wittiest people I've had the pleasure to not-yet-meet.

Your extremely intelligent, sometimes sharply caustic wit has been keeping me giggling since I first lurked (or you first posted - I dunno who got there first) in afp some... um... several years ago!

There - homage duly paid. Do I get to stay on your friends list now?

You introduced me to the phrase 'about as goth as a biscuit'. That still makes me laugh...

You have interesting, thoughtful things to say. And you seem to b good at seeing the big picture, remembering that the depression isn't eternal, and just generally well-intentioned towards the universe.

Not much, since I don't know you all that well, but seems to be true.

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