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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Dealing with LJ suckage
delirium happy
As many of you will be aware (and if you aren't then you ought to read lj_maintenance), LiveJournal had something of a problem last night. Something of a major problem. I'm not 100% certain what it was, but something was severely borked with the database on the chef cluster. This meant that it became impossible to comment on any entries in any journals on this cluster (one of three clusters on the site. You do the maths). Now this in itself is a Bad Thing. What makes it even worse is that the error message given said to report the error to support@livejournal.com. Before too long, this error message was changed, but not before we had been flooded with over a thousand support requests.

Now, for those who don't know, support@livejournal.com acts as a gateway to a private bit of the support board that only 12 people have the required privileges to view. Of those twelve, nine were unavailable at the time for silly, frivolous reasons such as "being asleep" or "trying to actually fix the database problem", which left me, gooner and chemicallace left to field over 1000 requests between us.

Dealing with each request involved, following a link, scanning through the request to check that it was about this issue and not something else, scrolling the page down a little, changing the selection on a dropdown menu, pasting the answer into a form, hitting submit, and then hitting back twice to start over again. I was at this solidly for 2 hours, dealing with approximately 260 requests.

Clearly the gods of irony were smiling down on me though, as this morning, I received a parcel -- a book about RSI from alanj. This amuses me.

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/me applauds the hard-working souls "behind the scenes".

I didn't bother, knew it'd get sorted eventually by the poor hard working souls behind it all. Although I did end up posting the same thing 3 times *grin* but it's all sussed now anyways. Go you! *hug*

Hee... good for alanj!!! Excellent timing he has, I'd say.

Now, I hope you are able to rest your wrists today!!!

Erf... mine are still having fits.

Anyway, thank you all 12 people who answered all those requests - I know you got the brunt of things.

*draws you a bath*

We're officially awarding you the LJ Masocism award! Now all we need is someone who can draw to make a Frank-with-nipple-clamps icon :)

/me hugs hardworking rho. Good thing I decided not to bother reporting the one I got from ches's journal then.. :)

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