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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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y i wont be getting a pid account!
delirium happy
i think that its OBSCENE that livejournal was stopping us free users from using are journals. its not FAIR that i dont get to use my jurnal just bcoz i dont have paid. I CANT PAY BCUZ I AM POOR STUDENT!! lolol. my jurnal is my life. without it i hve absolutely nothing to do except learn how to punctuate. taking it away is a VIOLATION of my first amendment rights and im gping to sue!! livejournal is clearly trying to UNDERMINE the traditional american values that we ALL live our live our lives by! i once got an email from a guy called brad who was trying to HACK my HOTMAL account and i'm sure that the guy wo runs livejotnal MUST be the same person!! i know this because i hrewad about the ltl known fact rhat livejounal runs using linux computers which were mad by a HACKER who came from near russia and must be a COMMUNIST. whqats more i work for a major computer company and i know that lvejournal must be DELIBERATELY making their site suck a lot bcuz i know that icould run it better and have it having LESS downtime so its c;ear that the money that they get from paid accounts must be funding TERRORISTS and so even though i cud afford a paid accnt im not goingto get one because my great aunts postmans pet GERBIL was killed by terrorsits!

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I am at work.

It is not fair of you to inflict these kinds of posts on my friends page when I am at work.

You know I can't resist checking my friends page.

How is it going to look to my boss to see his prized technical writer writhing on the floor, unable to stop laughing?

Really, Rho. I expected better of you.

Entertaining, but contrived, I think.

btw i am so goth lol. is brittney goth?


Close to being an excellent imitation with one minor problem: I can read it. Spell a few more words wrong and then I think it will be perfect.

Now do one for the any-non-paying-user-who-says-a-fucking-word-about-this-should-be-placed-in-the-Bastille brigade.


Why can't people understand that computers and online services just go wrong sometimes? Especially free ones run (primarily) by volunteers.

And it's fairly obvious that said volunteers are working the more sensitive parts of their anatomy off to keep this thing running. But of course volunteers just become an easier target for bitching the harder they work.

(end pet rant)

They get something for free, and then after a while of getting it for free, they start to feel as though they are owed that, and it's an obligation of vital importance.

Basically, people (plural) are selfish, unpleasent and ungrateful, and they rarely think of others.

Recently, I've been starting to feel that no matter what I, personally, do .. it's never enough to satisfy, and I think other people feel the same way.


So essentially, there's no way in which they can claim to have deserved or earned it, and they can't grasp the concept of it being provided through volunteer generosity, so that only leaves the possibility that they should have it by inalienable right?

Could well be ;)

Nice one. Made me smile lots. Not nearly enough caps in it though ;)

Keep up the good (hard) work

there's full stops in it. thats almost good punctuation...

hehe, nice one :)

Oh look, morons!
Nice rant thingy.
Not being able to post a journal entry until the day after I created it was pretty annoying, but at least there was a good reason for it.

I think the word "snigger" comes closest to my reaction..

you missed the last line ...

u r 1 2 b plz fixnig ur stie now! K THX BYE!! LOLOLZ

You know it's true :)


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