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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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On support
delirium happy
I've said it before, and I'll undoubtedly say it again. I am something of an alitist. I don't suffer fools gladly. I firmly believe that if you can't say something nice about a person then you shouldn't even try. If people are acting like idiots then they should be told as much. And this is what I hate the most about being a volunteer admin on LiveJournal. There are so many people who make asses out of themselves in lj_maintenance, lj_biz, suggestions, etc. and I can't rip them to shreds.

I like being unpleasant, sarcastic, condescending and belittling of people who deserve it, but because I'm in a position of responsibility, I can't do that, because it would reflect badly on the site. Even though I'm only a volunteer and in no way speak for or represent LJ, I don't think that the average sort of person I would want to rant at would actually understand this ("what, you mean you do stuff and don't get paid for it? are you on crack?"). So I don't do it, because I'm good and responsible.

So that's the negative. So why do I do it? Well, partly it's because I give a damn. As far as Things To Believe in go, an online journal site has to be one of the more pathetic, but I do. And helping out is good. It also lets me learn stuff. And learning is good. I like knowing stuff. Then there's the meeting people aspect. I've met some very cool people from doing support. Then there's the more serious elements. Being able to say "volunteer administrator focussing on technical support and syndication issues on a large international website with a userbase of over 800,000" is clearly the most impressive thing that I could put on a CV. Vaguely similarly, a couple of people have mentioned the thought that I could end up working for LJ at some point in the future. I'd be lying if I said I'd never thought of the possibility, but I also know that this is highly unlikely to happen any time soon. But who knows? Maybe if all the free users out there decided to go buy paid accounts and LJ suddenly decided to employ 20 times as many people then i'd be in with a chance. It's a nice pipe dream anyway.

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Heh, you're much more qualified than I am but I've still also thought about becoming employed for LJ sometime. When I learn everything there is to know, maybe. But it won't happen right now. Of course, there's that aspect of "rah had a hard time getting employed here. what makes me think that i'll have a 'snowball\'s chance in hell.'" but ya never know!

yes, some people do make idiots of themselves in those communities. and i know who you're talking about. and there are some people who /do/ act like idiots towarrds them. i don't like that. :p

*nod* It does look pretty good on a CV (uh, resumé, stateside), doesn't it?

As for a possible job with LJ, sure, it may seem like a longshot... but as you say, it's a nice longshot. And you never really know, do you? ;)

I do know you do a lot of good for the site and put yor heart and soul into it -- that sounds like a ggood start to me!!!


I like being unpleasant, sarcastic, condescending and belittling of people who deserve it

That's what we love the most about you, R. You're so darned good at it :p
You're also darned good at what you do for LJ, largely because you do give a damn!

I suggest that you save up the vitriol that you can't dish out to the Desreving whilst on duty and vent it with your usual acerbic wit to someone else deserving in a place that you can. Heck, it'd make me smile anyway!


Anyway... you may consider devoting your time to LJ "pathetic" (although I don't believe you really do think this, except in the face of extreme luser-age, or you wouldn't do it) - but:

1) You're doing *something* which you consider to be a cause (or a Thing To Believe In, for the Leonard of Quirm title). You may consider that there are other, more important causes out there (as I do with UKC), but this is one that you have the inclination and skills to do, and do well! Sure, you could devote your time to (insert favourite environmental/humanist/social cause here) but would it make as much difference?
You're "doing your bit". Others, more suited, can tackle the other causes.

Which leads to:

2) LJ is *damn useful* - both to the aforementioned causes, from freepalestine to wavethesails, and to individuals, who gain a *lot* from the new levels of intereaction, discussion and support it gives among both friends and strangers. I suspect it's saved and/or improved quite a few lives that way.

Sure, people use it for crap as well, but then think of the printing press. The same technology produces Hello magazine and National Enquirer as makes available the world's great literature and essays.

Keep up the great work, know that a) it's useful and b) it's appreciated. And try and learn to be devastatingly rude and completely polite at the same time ;)

The world needs more People Who Give A Damn.

how to convert people to pay accounts

hi rho (i'm a friend of sath's)...

there are two very easy ways to get more people into paid accounts, if not everyone:

1) make the invitation code good for 30 or 60 days of free usage, rather than a free account. You then either have to get new codes or pay up.

2) Keep doing what you're doing now, which is to make any feature inaccessible to free users. I'm sure one can make it uberevil to stay on a free account. Popup ads, spam, etc, should do the trick *grin*.

Yes, I'm being sarcastic about #2. But #1 seems painfree.

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