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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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OS advocacy
delirium happy
I just wrote this in an OS advocacy thread on Usenet, but I liked it, so I'm sharing it with you lot.

Przemyslaw Brojewski <brojek@zly.kis.p.lodz.pl> wrote:

> This whole thread reminds me of Real Software Engineers vs Real Programmers.
> Gentlemen, please. There is no consensus possible here, so why don't we
> just stop wasting time?

Unfortunately, I fear that you may be misunderstanding the whole point of this thread, for it certainly is not designed to actually reach any sort of consensus.

There were a group of men sitting around a table in a pub chatting amicably about last weekend's football results, when someone makes a throwaway remark about sex. This would all be well and good, except that a couple of people present happen to be nymphomaniacs. They latch onto the subject and start arguing about it. Each one is insistant that he is better in bed. And to back up their claim they bring out anecdotal evidence, citing the number of girls they've slept with, the average length of their relationships, and the decibel level of their partners' groans during intercourse. They never quite seem able to agree about what the most important factor is though, and as such they never reach an agreement, and instead continue arguing fervently, each one convinced that he is the better lay.

After this has gone on for a while, one of the saner, less inebriated members of the group steps in to point out that the whole argument is quite silly and clearly never going to reach any sort of consensus and so ought to stop.

And the two arguing men exchange glances, and then look at the person who made this interjection as if he'd said that he'd recently come down with leprosy. Because both men already knew that this was a pointless argument. They weren't arguing to make a point. They were arguing out of bravado, self-importance and a misguided attempt to impress their peers.


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(Deleted comment)
For some reason, I first read the title as "OS androgyny". Didn't make a lot of sense :)

better than OS Avacado

Anything's better than avacado. Well, maybe not sprouts.

Avacado is better than lots of things. Including sprouts. I just wasn't sure you could get much of an operating system out of one, even with lemon juice.

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