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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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roguelike game ate my hamster
delirium happy
There's so much I've been meaning to write about. I wanted to write about my revelation about my memetic legacy. I wanted to write about the dream I had last night with sath in it. I wanted to write about how much I hate sitcoms where the basic premise is that the lead character is a fuckwit. I wanted to do the fourth draft of the syndication FAQs I've been working on over in lj_userdoc. I wanted to do lots of things, but I didn't, because ADoM has eaten my soul (and all my free time) yet again.

So instead, all you get is a report that my gnomish bard is progressing nicely. She is now character level 34, has retrieved the fist two elemental orbs and is about to take on the air temple. Seeing as she is wielding purifier and wearing the bracers of war and is able to cast diameter-7 acid balls, this really shouldn't be a problem, and in fact, she's confident she's going to be able to save the world. Her only minor annoyance is that some pesky ancient blue dragon destroyed her old family heirloom pair of seven league boots. She had another pair that she'd found on her travels, but they just aren't the same somehow.

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In the meantime I have three high elven wizards dead in the small cave, eight in the UD, and 1 in the mountain village.

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